Optimizing revenue from advertising is a process. It doesn't happen in a day or two. In today's article, Netlink would like to suggest you 6 simple ways to increase revenue from advertising for your website.

Optimizing revenue from advertising is a process. It doesn't happen in a day or two. In today's article, Netlink would like to suggest you 6 simple ways to increase revenue from advertising for your website.

1. Experiment ad placements:

 As previously mentioned, ad placement plays an important role in optimizing publishers' revenue. Things you can do are:

- Place ads in the header of the web page.

- Integrate advertising with the content of the website.

- Place ads close to the call to action (Like find out now, contact now, sign up now, ..). However, care should be taken not to confuse users between the call-to-action button and the ad to ensure that the user experience is not affected.

You can always trade user experience for a higher CTR. But this is only a temporary measure because when users stop coming back to your site, your page traffic will plummet and the revenue from advertising will also decrease accordingly. So we don't encourage publishers in our system to do this. Testing ad placements with the most effective formats can take time. But you will certainly be well compensated for the time you spend when the ad goes into effect.

2. Experiment with different ad sizes:

I know what you guys are thinking. Experimenting so much, the revenue will not be stable. But for maximum results in a steady time, this is what it takes. The general rule of thumb for that ad size is that a larger position equals a larger CTR. However, this is not true for all cases and websites have different content. Some pages CTR increase just because they change the ad to a smaller size. The smaller size, somehow, increases the CTR by 15-20% and the overall user experience is also improved.

You can combine different ad sizes with different placements, and you have endless options to get the most optimized placement. However, experimenting will yield surprising experiences that may go against everything you've read or known about digital advertising. Because online advertising is an ever-evolving field, publishers need to change and evolve with those technologies, too.

3. Compare ad networks:

As you all know, some ad networks will pay you higher prices than others. Especially with large advertising arrays like Google. However, pricing is just one of the things you need to care about about an ad network. In addition to getting a good price, you also need to care about the quality and relevance of your ads.

You can choose for yourself a safe solution that is to use mediation of Google AdExchange to be able to experience advertising sources coming from many different ad networks.

4. Advertising format:

Based on metrics, users are more likely to click on text ads than image ads. That would suggest that for the same placement, the same size, but the ad format is also undeniably important.

The suggestion here is to choose the right ad format. If possible, change the color of your website to make those ads stand out. Contrary to some websites, ad units combined with website colors also increase CTR, especially when the ad is placed within the main content.

5. Realize the importance of CPC and CPM:

Many major publishers don't even care because of the CPC. CPM has also been shown to be more profitable over a certain period of time for major publishers. But all they want is just a fixed cost of delivered impressions. For publishers, advertising revenue is a very important part of being able to maintain and grow their site. So why settle for the moment when you could get more out of it if you just paid a little more attention and found a way to effectively optimize your site?

Your website can bring in more, big CPM and CPC can alternately help you earn more revenue. Make sure you do lots of testing to get the best results.

6. Continuous optimization:

Be a progressive! Don't stop at a certain test and determine this is the best you can achieve. Explore more, use your compassion to optimize your website. As we said at the beginning of the article, optimization is a process, not something you can do every day.

Add useful content, change the design, increase the user experience, etc. Do all of those things more often. Change is essential for growth, so keep an eye on your ad revenue metrics. What Netlink wants to send here, is not asking you to change it constantly. But put yourself in the shoes of the user and experience your website itself.

If you need advice on how to optimize the revenue that comes from advertising on your website or mobile app. Do not hesitate, send us an email: or leave information below to receive the earliest support. We believe that you have a lot of potential to grow, Netlink will work hard to help you achieve it!