Let's update programmatic advertising trends in 2022 with Netlink.

With the pandemic spreading throughout the whole world, the advertising market has also suffered a heavy hit in terms of revenue. However, since 2020, Programmatic Advertising has proven its profound influence, effectiveness and dominance in the entire market. The downside is that advertisers can stop the campaign immediately, but the revenue of programmatic advertising has been revived, growing in the tens each year. It is predicted that by this year, the online marketing market will account for more than 90% of the total revenue of the advertising market. With TV connected apps (CTV) and the on-device app market showing no signs of slowing down, the digital out-of-home (DOOH) market is back and booming. Of course, for publishers, this can be a tough business, but we can also turn it into an opportunity to optimize our revenue.

In this article, Netlink wants to cover the latest trends in programmatic advertising in 2022:

- Since Chrome begins to remove third-party cookies, 2022 will be the year of the development of new identifiers and technologies that can be used to completely replace user IDs. By empowering users, so that they can control how, when and where their data is used, publishers and advertisers may also be concerned about not being able to use information. of users to display ads tailored to their habits. But recent research by Deloitte Digital shows that today's users are often more focused on immediate concerns than on past browsing behavior or habits. Not only that, but advertisers continue to have access to information publishers collect like location, contextual targeting. By using contextual data in programmatic campaigns, marketers can forge meaningful connections with consumers to inspire and engage users.

- A 2020 IAB report found that two-thirds (69%) of advertisers have put some or all of their programmatic campaigns in-house to eliminate the need for media black boxes . It can be seen that brands want to strengthen relationships with users and control first-party data. In-house programming also comes with client benefits such as cost savings along with increased resource efficiency. With cost savings, brands also have more money to run multiple campaigns and get results: greater ROI (Return on Investment).

- Streaming should definitely be on the list of trends this year. A large part of users have chosen not to use traditional television anymore. Especially, during the outbreak of the Covid-19 epidemic worldwide, forcing people to spend more time at home, this is the perfect condition to help grow CTV to a new height. In 2021, programmatic CTV has reached a whopping 70%, expected to reach 78% by 2023. Despite the strong growth, programmatic advertising on CTV is still facing many difficulties. Unlike mobile app ads, which are only available in 2 operating systems: iOS and Android, the CTV space is extremely fragmented across different devices and providers. where ads can be displayed. Advertisers should give careful consideration to where they are serving their ads and which devices to use.

After a decade of being dominated by visual media, audio advertising has emerged as an important medium for brands. Programmatic audio advertising is growing strongly because today's young people listen to music a lot, 97 minutes/day on average, almost half as much as using social networks (70 minutes). This ad type has remarkable granular targeting, the ability to attract users in the right place, at the right time, and in the right context, becoming a little more accessible.

Programmatic advertising is going through a phase of change with third-party cookies being phased out, but there are effective alternatives where third-party cookies are no longer an option. . First-party data will be critical to a brand's success, and tapping into exciting segments like CTV and mobile games could be the key to programmatic marketing that wins big in the market. this year 2022. For advice on using programmatic advertising, please contact Netlink via email: sale@appmatic.sg or leave contact information under this article, we will contact you as soon as possible.